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Short Description

The goal of this project is to showcase the integrated features of smart IoT devices, sensors, and actuators with a cloud-based analytic engine that creates a solution for living better lives in a smarter world.

The solution should provide non-technical end-users with an exciting new service for everyday use and must demonstrate the usefulness of cloud platforms. End-users might interact with the solution via a special mobile app.

Sample Solutions:

  • Intelligent Weather Station: Air pressure, inside / outside temperature, and humidity are frequently measured and retained to:
    • Generate weather forecasts and reports
    • Trigger alarm actions
    • Control the indoor temperature by acting on shutters, etc.
    • Trigger watering devices
  • Home surveillance: Photo-interrupters, sound detectors, temperature sensors … steadily monitor your living environment when you are at work or on holiday to:
    • Warn you about intruders
    • Send you images from a web cam
    • Trigger an alarm siren
  • Traffic forecast: Based on regular traffic measures, recommendations for the best route to a given destination are calculated and delivered to the user.
  • Financial recommendations: Stock-exchange prices are regularly polled and recommendations for sales / purchases are given.

Provided toolkit:

  • Cloud infrastructure
    • Open IoT Connector hosted by 1&1 which connects devices to the cloud. Free access will be provided to the participants.
    • 1&1 Analytic Cloud Environment with MQTT broker and Node.js. Free system instances will be provided to the participants.

Related Product or API

1&1 Cloud Server, 1&1 Analytic Cloud, IoT Intel developer Kit based on an Edison Board and Edison Sensor Kit

Keywords / Technologies

1&1, Intel, Cloud, IoT, Event Stream Processing, Smart City, Cloud Analytics, Intel Edison, REST, MQTT, Node.js

Contact Person

Sabrina Waltz, sabrina.waltz@1und1.de