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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – Mobile App for real-time domain check

Based on our Reseller Cloud technology, we want to develop an AI that collects data from several (Solaris) zones. This data will then be sent to a management instance, which dynamically adjusts the resource allocation based on the collected data.


Several blogs and shops are hosted on the Reseller Cloud. One shop experiences traffic spikes each Sunday between 6 and 8 pm. The scale manager registered this during the data analysis and will allocate additional resources to this instance during this time, while decreasing the resources for the other blogs/shops.

Related Product or API

ISAC – InterNetX Server Administration Center, Reseller Cloud

Keywords / Technologies

Reseller Cloud (Solaris zones, REST-API), PHP, NodeJS, MySQL/PostgreSQL and much more.

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Marco Revesz, Business Automation Evangelist at InterNetX,