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Our hackathon challenge is to create a web app for admins to make complex queries on the OnApp Cloud infrastructure.

This is inspired by Facebook’s “Graph Search,” which provides a natural language interface to find content in Facebook. In the context of OnApp Cloud, we want to answer questions like “servers owned by user X behind gateway Y” and “DNS zones of servers on hypervisor Z” in a flexible way which would previously require custom search code to be written.

Using the OnApp API, data about the cloud infrastructure and its resources are imported into a graph database. A translation layer is written to implement the natural language query. And finally, a web app is written as UI to query and visualize the results.

Related Product or API

OnApp Cloud: https://docs.onapp.com/

Keywords / Technologies

Graph database, Text processing, REST, Web stack (HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/Python/Ruby)

Contact Persons

Wai Keen Woon, woon@onapp.com
Nadine Ter Meulen, nadine.ter.meulen@onapp.com