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Tuesday, 28


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2:00 PM / 4:00 PM

Retain the tension with data retention

2:00 PM

In December 2016 the European Court of Justice once more set limitations to the mass-surveillance of unsuspicious persons through the general obligation to retain data on providers of electronic communications services.

In Germany, a new statutory data retention act came into effect in December 2015, which obligates retention of data by July the 1st 2017 at the latest. A limitation to a certain group of people was not made. In a first response to the decision, the ruling parties do not accord whether the new statutory data retention act needs a revision or not. It is questionable whether this data retention act will meet the requirements made by the European Court of Justice.

Learn first hand from politicians what their strategy on data retention is for today and for the future and whether data retention should be the tool of choice for law enforcement.

Critical Infrastructures at risk – are you doing enough?

4:00 PM

After German national IT security law (IT-SiG) has entered into force in 2015, the European Directive on Network and Information Security (NIS) is now another specification which aims to improve IT security for critical infrastructures. Transposition into national law is required by May 2018 and many companies will be subject to additional IT security requirements.

Get first hand information and discuss, whether law makers at the national and international level are pursuing the right strategy to provide for an adequate protection against current cyber threats.

Moderator and Panelists

Thomas Rickert
Director Names Numbers at eco
Astrid Oosenbrug
Member of the Dutch Parliament
Peter Schaar
Former German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection
Jimmy Schulz
German Internet Politician