June 15th-16th, 2016 | Salzburg, Austria
The Event for Executives from the Cloud and Hosting Industry in Europe
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The WHD.racing event is designed for owners, founders, and senior executives from the hosting and cloud industry. We want to bring Industry Leaders together and provide a platform for open and honest discussions on some of the most important topics facing our companies today. The goal is to create a smaller, more intimate event — about 100 attendees — to meet away from the glare and noise of exhibit halls and sales presentations.

This is an event by industry leaders FOR industry leaders in one of the most beautiful and exciting locations in Europe. And it’s sure to be one that you will not forget

Why Should I Attend?


Content customized for you as an Industry Leader ... things which matter. How does the current Privacy Shield discussion impact your business. How to find the right talent for your hosting business, and how do you keep them? How much is my company worth and who are the buyers in the industry right now?

Coming Together

Sit side-by-side with your fellow business leaders — you need real information, clear insight, and open communication to bring value to your organization and develop solid objectives. Develop a network of peers and trusted advisers to help you succeed in a consolidating market.

Fun Competition

After all the discussions and networking are done for the day, direct your competitive energy to the asphalt in real race cars on one of the most exciting and beautiful racetracks in Europe. Let the little child in each of us out on the track for some high-speed fun!

Sheraton Fuschlsee-Salzburg

The Sheraton Fuschlsee-Salzburg sits on a hill overlooking Lake Fuschl -- just 15 minutes away from Salzburg and 10 minutes from the racetrack. Built in the classic architectural style of the area, the light-filled rooms, attentive staff, and world-class amenities will surround you in luxury and superior hospitality. The hotel has convenient access and the nearby meeting rooms are perfect to welcome industry leaders to the first WHD.racing event.

Salzburgring Formula One Racetrack

The Salzburgring is a former Formula One racetrack that is now home to the Red Bull Racing Team. It has 4.225 km of tight curves, sweeping arcs, and blistering straight-aways that wind through a scenic alpine valley just east of Salzburg, Austria. WHD.racing attendees will get to enjoy every thrilling curve on one of the fastest and most beautiful racetracks in the world.

Who is attending?

Dr. Christian Boeing

CEO at Strato AG

Hakan Ali

Founder & CMO at InterNetX

Andreas Gauger

CMO at ProfitBricks

Jochen Berger

Group Director M&A at HEG

John Zanni

CMO at Acronis

Daniel Hagemeier


Jan Löffler

CTO at Plesk

Sascha Frank

CEO at espiridon GmbH

Thomas Rickert

Director eco Names & Numbers Forum

Rainer Sträter

Head of IaaS/Cloud at 1&1 Internet AG

Max Schrems

Author and founder, europe-v-facebook.org

Juergen Domnik

Director Strategic Programs at Dell GmbH

Milovan Milic

CEO at DevTech

Andy Haworth

BDM at SpamExperts

Sam Renkema

CEO at SpamExperts

Simon Besteman

CEO at ISPConnect

Uros Cimzar


Nils Hueneke

CEO at Plesk

Lukas Hertig

CMO at Plesk

Anthony Owen

CEO at Sóshlr

André van Vliet

CEO at SolidHost

Eberhard Macziol

CEO at Wilken

Jens-Philipp Jung

CEO at Link11 GmbH

Martin Schlicksbier

Manager at nic at GmbH

Kevin Schüler

Head of Product Marketing at DomainFactory

Fabian Reiß

Account Manager at Sario Marketing GmbH – Textbroker

Florian Schicker

CEO at easyname GmbH

Max Arnreiter

Sales Director at Dell Financial Services

Wido Potters


Claus Barche

Team Leader Sales at InterNetX

Christiaan Tsirakos

CEO at Tsirakos

Frederik Schouboe

CEO at Cohaesio Group

Paul Hughes

Founder at Host4u Limited

Günter Kyska

CEO at Micro F. GmbH

Per Stenman

CEO at HALON Security

Jörg Hartmann

Director of Sales at Tata Communications

Michael Fowler

WW Development Manager at COMODO

Michael Piotrowski

Team Leader Marketing at InterNetX

Antonio Mimmo

Regional Marketing Manager at Dell Financial Services

Peter Rass

Product Management Manager at A1 Telekom Austria AG

Paolo Belcastro

Head of Automattic/WordPress.com Spectrum Division

Sven Herpolsheimer

Owner at herpolsheimer – fachberatung im automobilhandel

Joel Filipe Pereira Romeira

CTO Datacenter at Host4u Limited

Govert Derks

M&A advisor and Managing Director at Corporate Finance in Europe

Pedrag Lesic

CEO at .ME

Benjamin Schönfeld

CEO at LeaseWeb Deutschland GmbH

Thomas Fruhstuck

Head of Systems and Services at APA-IT

Markus Galler

Sr. Director Cloud Business EMEA & CIS at Acronis

Alex Mirsky


Martin Wielomski

Manager Business Development EMEA at phoenixNAP

Felix Hentzen

Head of Sales at plesk

Katharina Deutsch

Head of Customer Service at nic.at GmbH

Daniel Wette

CEO, Co-Founder at rankingCoach

David Meers

Founder & Director at F/D/M Global

Thomas Meierkord

COO, Co-Founder at rankingCoach

Majid Azdoufal

Account Executive Cloud Hosting at Dell

Nikola Stanic

Head of Operation at BeotelNet-ISP d.o.o.

Sonya Kapoor

Head of Business Development at rankingCoach

Judith Frank

Senior Berater at espiridon GmbH

Thomas Vollrath

Non Exec Director at WebAfrica, AgriCircle & BaseKit

Christoph Wellenzohn

Head of Sales at A1 Telekom Austria AG

Constance Brecklinghaus

Head of Sales at A1 Telekom Austria AG


(Subject to Change)

Day 1 – June 15th

Time Topic
5:00 pmArrival
6:00 pm
AMA (ask me anything) on US/EU Privacy Protections

Max Schrems

Moderator: Thomas Rickert

Max Schrems took on the EU, Facebook and the U.S. government and won. In his victory, he likely became the most important sales person for the Managed Hosting Industry in Europe. Safe Harbor is gone, and Privacy shield might replace it, but what does the future actually bring for US/EU digital commerce? This session is for you to ask the most stupid questions you have on Safe Harbor/Privacy Shield. Max is there to help you fully understand it, and how you can use the current discussions to grow your business.

7:00 pm
Evening Reception sponsored by Sóshlr
8:00 pm
Network dinner sponsored by Dell Financial Services
9:00 pm
Redefining Code and Finding Music in The Cloud

Philip Sheppard

You may not know Philip Sheppard yet, but you know his work. He has composed music for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, several albums, dozens of TV shows, and for more than 30 feature films — most recently composing music for the theatrical trailer of StarWars: The Force Awakens. He has also produced and arranged with the likes of Jimmy Page, Joe Cocker, and David Bowie.

Philip hears music in the world all around us … in the voices of nature, the roar of a race car, and beyond. In his keynote presentation at WHD.racing, he will use musical performances, game-based techniques, and engaging imagery to leave us laughing, cheering, and marveling at new personal and professional insights.

Day 2 – June 16th

Time Topic
9:30 am - 10:00 am
How to attract top talents to your hosting company

Sascha Frank, Founder and Managing Director of espiridon

“Yes, we are a cool industry. We know how to make money and how to party.” We don’t want to bother you, but ask yourself: Who else knows this? Do top talents from top business schools know how exciting the hosting industry is? What do they know about the leaders of the industry, the people behind the scene and the fascinating development opportunities for their career? The round table discussion shows how to create a these-are-people-I-wanna-work-for image. Get inspired about your role before recruiting process starts.

10:00 am - 10:30 am
How financing with Dell Financial Services enables IT service providers to pay as they grow

Max Arnreiter, Sales Director Dell Financial Services Germany

Dell Financial Services (DFS) offers comprehensive financing and usage models, enabling companies to use the latest technology and to pay according to their own budget requirements. Especially for IT infrastructure and service providers’ unmet capital needs. The classic IT business with purchase and sale of equipment that has only briefly bound capital is declining. The now popular models provide for procurement by the IT Service Provider and a variable usage by the end customer. This situation is different than in the IT trade and calls for more modern methods of financing. As a reliable partner for reseller, IT service providers and end customers, we develop concepts for complete technological solutions, including hardware, software and services-whether from Dell or third party.

10:30 am - 11:00 am
Around The World 80 Times Per Day

Paolo Belcastro, Head of Automattic/WordPress.com Spectrum Division

Paolo Belcastro describes the challenges, common mistakes and life lessons of managing a remote team. Working remotely since 17 years, he is currently leading a team of 30 spread across 4 continents and 17 time zones.

11:00 am - 12:00 pmNetworking time
12:00 am - 12:30 pmDeparture to Salzburgring racing course
12:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Lunch, Briefing and Racing at Salzburgring Racing Course
5:00 pmEnd of racing and victory ceremony
5:30 pm1-on-1 Meetings/Departure


Sold Out!


WHD.racing will include an afternoon of fast cars and high speed action at the Salzburg racetrack—home to the Red Bull racing team.

Attendee Profile Ticket Price
Hosting or Cloud Company€ 599.-
Financial, Private Equity, Consultant€ 1,500.-
ISV, Supplier/Sponsor (includes 1 branding opportunity)**€ 2,900.-
** Hotel and Racetrack Branding opportunities will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact us today for a complete list of available options.

Your Ticket Includes

  • Welcome reception at Schloss Fuschl
  • Hosted round-table discussion
  • Gourmet dinner at Schloss Fuschl
  • One night’s accommodation at the nearby Sheraton Fuschlsee-Salzburg Hotel Jagdhof*
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Access to all workshops and sessions
  • High-speed track time at Salzburg race track
  • Lunch at the race track
* Attendees wishing to extend their stay can add an additional hotel night while registering online at the preferred WHD rate. There is no extra charge for a second guest
Sold Out!